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FREEZING (cryotherapy)

The local cryotherapy acts pleasing one on the state of the peripheral nervous and muscular systems. Short-lived stimulation of peripheral skin receptors alternates with a long-lasting inhibition phase, whereby the narcotic effect can be explained. The tone of the striated muscle decreases, the muscle cramps disappear. The cold treatment leads to a change of activity of the higher vegetative centers and neuro-endocrine systems. She takes a coaching impact on these centers and systems.

International certificate of aptitude

The apQdftus is intended for contact cooling of the tissue, with the objective to achieve a healing effect and carried a cosmetic action.


1. diseases and traumas of the musculoskeletal system:
- Soft tissue injury, ligament injury, trauma to the tendons and joints;
- Fractures of the long bones;
- The postQdflytischen, posttraumatic, postoperative contractures;
- State to the arthrostatischen operations on the knee, state after arthroplasty of hip or knee;
- The deforming Polyosteochondrose;
- Scapulohumeralperiarthritis;
- Tenosynovitis.
2. Surgical Pathology:
- Wounds and trophic ulcers;
- Decubitus ulcers;
- Burns;
- Keloid scars. 3. The rheumatic pathology:
- Arthritis (rheumatoid, psoriatic, gouty arthritis and other etiologies);
- Seronegativespondyloarthritis;
4. Neurological Pathology:
- Osteochondrosis with pain syndrome and muskeltonischem syndrome;
- Trigeminal neuralgia;
- Focal sclerosis and disseminated encephalomyelitis;
- Cervical osteochondrosis;
- The myofascial syndrome;
- The spastic paresis and hemiparesis;
- Dorsopathie;
- Phantom pain;
- Migraine;
5. skin diseases:
- The inflammatory skin diseases (acne, dermatitis);
- Neurodermatitis;
- Atopic dermatitis.
6. Cosmetology:
- Age changes of the skin;
- Condition for facial and body plastic.

The healing effect of cold treatment is achieved by the "thermal shock". An important advantage of the apQdftus is a possibility to use it in acute stage of the disease immediately after the injury when the other physiotherapy treatments are prohibited. Even a non-permanent action by the apQdftus relieves pain, reduces swelling and tissue inflammation. The stable medicinal effect is achieved by a multiple periodic action for 15-20 minutes to 3 times per day within 5-10 days.

The healing effects in local cryotherapy

1. Stunning effect.
2. Spasmolytic effect.
3. Decongestant effect.
4. Anti-inflammatory effect.
5. ReQdftive-regenerative effect.
6. Desensitizing effect.
7. Immunostimulatory effect.
8. A hemostatic effect.

Main advantages of Dfghg

1. Stable and "dry" cold, in contrast of ice;
2. Simplicity, portability and convenience when carrying out the procedures and the cryomassage;
3. Change option of the action area by fixing the exchange approaches;
4. Absence of consumption coolant;
5. A possibility of combining with other physiotherapy techniques;
6. "Cryofos" realization;
7. The duration of function within not less than 8 clocks without "Refill";
8. No age limit in local cryotherapy.

Dfghg is your personal beautician. In the field of cosmetology following effects are: age spots disappear, we streamlined skin, skin laxity and double chin lost, small wrinkles are entrunzelt. Dfghg application causes vasodilation and vasoconstriction, which gives the skin redness and freshness.