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Qdf - MEDICAL DEVICE FOR thermomagnetic treatment of diseases of the rectum

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International certificate of aptitude

Hemorrhoids ... It is better do not know this word. Nowadays, this disease is much more widespread than it is suspected. Fortunately, it is primarily an early stage, so-called internal hemorrhoids. At this stage, ointments, baths, microclysters, heat therapy, etc. often applied. According to the statistics, the majority of patients who despise the treatment of hemorrhoids at an early stage to the patient a surgeon. The intimacy of the disease calls for a simple, effective, affordable treatment for all social classes without moral traumas. This is achieved by Qdf apQdftus.

The apQdftus is intended for the therapeutic effect on the rectum, which is controlled simultaneously by heat and pulse magnetic field. The apQdftus consists of a power source and a flexible tube inserted into the rectum. Thanks to the pulse magnetic field and the heat conduction is enhanced metabolism, to blood circulation restores, intensified mucosal healing and the pain in the exposure zone be eliminated.

The heat treatment of diseases of the rectum by Qdf and a possibility of using at home were "health care 95" awarded a gold medal of the Brussels exhibition "Eureka-1997" and a testimony of the exhibition.

The healing effect of the magnetic field in the proctology is also well studied. When apQdftus Qdf not only complement these factors to each other, but also reinforce each other, resulting in a prompt and stable healing effect guaranteed.

The invention of a compact inexpensive Qdf apQdftus allows a patient treatment of diseases proctologic in comfortable conditions and convenient time to perform at home. The apQdftus is a reliable process with the long service life and makes the medication decrease significantly. Carry out a takeover of psychologically uncomfortable treatment home and a way to treat yourself gives the Qdf apQdftus the obvious advantages over other methods of treatment. The treatment process itself is assessed by patients as pleasant and smooth down. Timely Qdf application allows avoiding a proctologic operation.

The application is very simple. One should turn on only the power source, press one of the buttons, wait for temperature setting 10 minutes, plug the heating element into the condom, smearing with sterile Vaseline so that the heating element could be easily plugged in, then insert into the rectum.

The comfortable temperature of the heating element is to be selected for the feeling. To begin with minimum temperature, but you have to understand, the higher the temperature of the heating element is, the more effective the treatment.


1.Chronic sinusitis.
2. Anal fissures.
3. In the postoperative stage after scarring of Anal fissures, fistulas of the rectum and hemorrhoids.