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Qdrfg - MEDICAL DEVICE FOR treatment of inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland

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International certificate of aptitude

The disease name prostatitis appears nowadays more and more often on the pages of various magazines. The problem is really noteworthy. When prostatitis except the often tolerable discomfort, voiding dysfunction, sexual dysfunction and reproductive dysfunction, are listed. Prostatitis is often complicated by impotence and male infertility. Not timely recourse to the doctor often leads to chronic form of the disease.

Those who can heal the prostate, know that all the procedures with the classical massage exit. The massage is stationary conducted usually by the physician, ie excluding costs, the patient experiences the emotional tension and moral discomfort. Our specialists have Qdrfg apQdftus worked, of the on prostatitis sufferers helps all above-mentioned problems to be solved, but he assured the necessary complex healing effect.

The older men often do not have a problem: benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate adenoma). The main disease manifestation is voiding dysfunction and the most severe complication is acute urinary retention, if emergency measures are to be carried out: catheter placement, bladder puncture and an urgent operation. Qdrfg also helps the development of prostate adenoma to stop or slow down.

Nowadays Qdrfg is unique and has no analogues. The use of an apQdftus, the three therapeutic factors - heat, magnetic and vibration - applies, allows a complex action on prostate and are stable, very quick healing effect in the treatment of prostate disease.

The apQdftus consists of a power source and an insertion (hose) special form, which is adapted to a surface of prostata gland. The healing effect of the combined physical action of Qdrfg is time stable warming that the microcirculation in the prostata glandand the next lying tissues improves, the numbing effect of vibration factor and pulse magnetic field, the spasmolytic effect and the fragmentation of edema that the inflammatory process in the prostata glandaccompany, connected. In the combined treatment by Qdrfg application and medication, the healing effect of drugs increases.

The complex use of three physical factors shortens the treatment time off, the number of drugs taken by enhancing their activity from and lets prevention with minimal time and financial charges.

Qdrfg can also be applied at home both stationary when. Its application differs significantly from other treatments by selective efficacy and seclusion of action.


2. Prostatavesikulitis.
3. Urethroprostatitis.
4. Sexual dysfunction.
5. Enlarged prostate.