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The animating conducted energy

The electrical stimulation was since ancient times. Residents of the seaside noticed that touching the stingrays and eels to the body provoked an unconscious muscle contraction, numbness and pain relief.

The modern technologies enabled an elaboration of stimulating pulses of any shape, while the pulse shape can be automatically changed after a selected program or under the influence of a biological reaction during a procedure. The electrical stimulation is of great importance in the Rehabilitation of injuries and diseases of the nervous system, the limiting of active movements, power take-off and hypotrophy (emaciation) of the muscles. The electrical stimulation causes movement stimulation and muscle contraction produced and simultaneously reinforced reflex the whole complex of trophic metabolic processes that are aimed at energy facilities of active muscles. The activation of the controlling systems, incl. Brain cortex cells, increases. During the passage of the stimulating electric current along the nerve trunks increases the conduction of nerve excitation, intensified the recovery position of injured nerves.

The muscular contraction, which is caused by the stimulating electrical current even in complete destruction of nerve conduction, due to the above-mentioned processes of the muscular development and the sclerotic changes inhibits (conversion of muscle into the connective tissue, the active can not contract).

International certificate of aptitude

Sdfrfg was elaborated by specialists in order to solve the problem of pain in diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs, the nervous, cardiovascular, and genitourinary Knochenmuskel-. It is also used for pain relief after surgery or trauma. Treatment by Sdfrfg is to act on the pain stove with short bipolar current pulses of different frequencies.

The self-adhesive electrodes are fixed on the diseased body part, then they start with the weak electric impulses to act, thereby stimulating the nerve endings in addition to lying.

During exposure, the patients feel microvibration, with their ease the pain. This effect is achieved by the excited nerve endings send additional signals to the brain that block pain impulses. Natural substances that play the role of the anesthetic - - In addition, the production of endorphins is stimulated.

Sdfrfg is interesting not only as an anesthetic. Thanks to the micro-vibration of the apQdftus for eliminating fatigue and increase applied by the muscle tone. Under the influence of electrical stimulation the muscles are trained, so Sdfrfg is interesting for active people who want to stay in shape.

The practical application of electrical stimulation is interesting with this target for women after childbirth, which again put the figure and abdominal muscles strong want. But the research has been carried out, which showed increase stamina, decrease waist, improve endurance and strength in the abdominal area and improve the appearance of the rectus abdominis.