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Wamla-02 - MEDICAL DEVICE FOR MAGNETIC THERAPY BY alternating pulse generated field

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How this works

In local magnetic field acting on the body sections to oscillations of erythrocytes and plasma protein to take, which are located in the action zone of the physical factor. This leads to the activation of the local blood flow and for enhancing the blood circulation. This Qdfllel is changing the state of diseased cells, tissues and even organs, the numbing effect designed to relieve inflammation, edema divide themselves, to metabolism activated. All these processes lead to the restoration of diseased tissues and organs that have been injured in the first place.

Magnetic field exposure causes no increase in temperature or skin irritation. Recognizable is well tolerated in debilitated patients, the elderly, who suffer from comorbidities, incl. Cardiovascular diseases. This allows the use of our physiotherapy equipment in cases where treatment is unwanted by other methods.
The magnetic fields are unique in the sense that they go through all the tissue as though they "do not notice". Heat. According to, x-rays are stopped by bones suffer a skin resistance and be absorbed by the muscles and fatty tissues. The magnetic fields can penetrate to deep tissues, for example, to nerves that carry pain (sciatic nerve, solar plexus, spinal nerve root).

The results of experimental and clinical research has shown that its effectiveness for different magnetic fields from each other. These different effectiveness is due to different depth and different degrees of body adaptation to external influences. That is, the variable magnetic field is, the less chance the body has to adapt to it and the greater healing effect.

There are three main types of magnetic fields:

- Permanent magnetic field that does not change over time, the size and direction in this space point. The field has the minimum efficiency;
- Alternating magnetic field that changes the size and direction over time. This field is formed by inductors, the AC grid connection get (much more effectively, as a permanent magnetic field);
- Pulse magnetic field that changes the size of the passage of time, but does not change any direction. This field is formed by specific inducers of the ripple current.

This is the most complicated of its Qdfmeters by and here is the most effective of its action on the field.

Our specialists have developed a number of magnetic therapeutic devices of various complexity under a name "MAG". Those are appliances Wgam-77, MAGOFON-01, Wamla-01.

For apQdftus of MAG-series following characteristic:

- The pronounced therapeutic and anesthetic effect in the treatment of chronic diseases;
- Possibility of home treatment;
- Simple healing methods;
- A way of directly influencing a sick organ;
- Reinforcing the medication exposure, dose reduction, what possible medication side effects, including allergies, decreases;
- Thanks to dose reduction or even renunciation of medication make the devices be paid within one year;
- To be a possibility of a whole family used.

The common advantage of all MAG machines are carefully selected magnetic Qdfmeters, which allowed us to give up control bodies and to bring to a minimum the risk of incorrect application.

International certificate of aptitude

Wamla-02 is a magnetic therapeutic apQdftus with program control, predestined for the treatment of various diseases caused by impulse magnetic fields. Its Qdfmeters are specially selected for specific diseases and have already been entered in data storage. A user should only set the required program number and start the action.

Individual treatment of each disease for maximum effectiveness has been possible thanks to:
- The formation of solid or generated by sampling pulse and even "rotating" magnetic fields at wrapping, for example a limb, comprising a beam generator;
- The change of pulse frequency from 1 to 100 Hz For example, for exclusion from the pain syndrome with arthritis or hypertension treatment fits 100 Hz, but in the treatment of paresis fits 16Hz;.
- The change of magnetic flux density from 2 to 45 mTl, which is dependent on the disease stage, location of specific disease and organ;
- The variation of exposure duration of 1 to 30 minutes (depending on the selected program).
During the life of a lot of positive reviews from clinics got (not only by clinicians but also by patients).


1. Neurocirculatory dystonia after hypertonic type.
2. Migraine.
3. Temporary transient ischemic attack.
4. Damage to individual nerve root and plexus of the upper and lower extremities.
5. Alcoholic polyneuropathy.
6. Diabetic Polyneuropathy.
7. Post-herpetic neuropathy.
8. Raynaud's syndrome (syndrome of dead fingers)
9. Chronic sinusitis maxillary area (maxillary sinusitis), chronic sinusitis in the forehead (sinusitis)
10. Chronic and acute eustachitis (Salpingootitis).
11. Acute laryngitis.
12. Chronic laryngitis.
13. Neuro sensory hearing.
14. Hypertension.
15. Stable angina.
16. Stroke.
17. Folgeyustand after cerebrovascular disease /
18. Atherosclerosis of vessels, deforming or obliterative endarteritis.
19. Atherosclerotic (discirculatory) encephalopathy
20. Varicose veins.
21. Deep vein thrombosis of the tibia.
22. Chronic venous thrombosis with trophic disorders.
23 Chronic lymphedema.
24 Viral pneumonia.
25. Bacterial pneumonia.
26. Chronic bronchitis except for the acute stage.
27 Lung spasm.
28. Exudative pleurisy (by liquid extraction from pleural cavity).
29 Reflux oesophagitis.
30 Gastric and duodenal ulcer.
31 Gastritis and duodenitis.
32. Chronic hepatitis.
33. Toxic liver damage.
34. Irritable bowel syndrome without diarrhea.
35. Alcoholic liver disease.
36. Cholecystitis.
37. Biliary dyskinesia.
38. Hyperkinetic dyskinesia of the gallbladder (Cholezystopathie without gallstones).
39. Chronic pancreatitis.
40. Postoperative bowel syndrome.
41. Postcholecystectomy syndrome.
42. Keloid scars.
43. Lichunacuminatus.
44. Localized Eczema, skin itching, hives, eczema, atopic dermatitis.
45. Psoriasis.
46. Hydradenitis.
47. Gout.
48. Polyarthrosis.
49. Coxarthrosis.
50. Osteoarthritis.
51. Osteoarthritis of the metacarpophalangeal joint.
52. Outside epicondyle of the humerus (tennis elbow) and internal epicondyle of the humerus (golfer's elbow).
53. Painful shoulder stiffness.
54. Acute trophoneurotische bone atrophy.
55. Qdftenonitis (krepitierende tenosynovitis of the forearm).
56. Tietze Syndrome (aseptic inflammation of rib cartilage in the area of the sternum approach of the ribs).
57. Osteochondropathy (Keller syndrome, lunatomalacia, Perthes disease, Osgood-Schlatter disease, King 'disease osteochondritisdissecans). 58. Ankylosing spondylitis (ankylosing spondylitis).
59. Osteoarthritis arthritis of the temporomandibular joint.
60. Fersenperiostose (Plantarfascitis), heel spurs.
61. Joint contracture.
62. Rheumatoid arthritis.
63. Osteochondrosis.
64. Vertebrobasiläres syndrome.
65. Sympathetic rear cervical syndrome.
66. Syndrome of vertebrogenic myelopathy.
67. Osteoporosis without pathological fracture.
68. Osteoporosis with pathological fracture.
69. Chronic tubulointerstitial nephritis (produced by drugs and heavy metals tubular damage).
70. Kidney and ureteral stones.
71. Cystitis.
72. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and oophoritis.
73. Postoperative wounds.
74. Post-traumatic hematoma.
75. Dislocation, strain and overwork of capsular ligaments of the elbow joint.
76. radial head.
77. Traumatic rupture of lateral spokes tape.
78. Trauma of Elle Nerves in the area of the forearm.
79. Finger bruise without injury to the nail plate.
80. Finger contusion injury with the nail plate.
81. Outer traumas of several areas of the upper extremities.
82. Outer traumas of several areas of the lower extremities.
83. Hip joint injury.
84. Leg contusion.
85. Traumatic coccygodynia.
86. Shin contusion.
87. Multiple external trauma of the tibia.
88. knee sprain.
89. Sprunggelenkkontusion.
90. Bruised toe without damaging the nail plate.
91. Bruised toe with violation of the nail plate.
92. Several external injuries of the ankle and foot.
93. ankle sprain.
94. Bänderruptur the ankle and foot.
95. strain and overexertion of ligaments of the ankle.
96. Trauma of external Plantarnervs.
97. Trauma of the inner Plantarnervs.
98. Trauma of multiple nerves at ankle and foot.
99. Trauma of the big toe at ankle and foot lifter.
100. Trauma of multiple muscles and tendons at ankle.