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Wamla-01 against cardiovascular diseases

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) research, nowadays, the leading cause of death in the world is a cardiovascular disease. The forecast is disappointing; it says that in 2030, approximately 23.3 million people will die from this disease. At the same time, doctors and health professionals have no doubt that the majority of cardiovascular disease (CVD) cases can be prevented.

Among cardiovascular diseases, there are a number of diseases of the heart and blood vessels such as coronary heart disease, congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, peripheral arterial disease, heart attacks, strokes and other ones.

Cardiovascular diseases

The modern approach to medicine claims that by following the recommendations of health professionals and maintaining healthy lifestyle, it is possible to minimize the risk of the heart disease. A significant decrease in mortality due to heart disease over the past 30 years was not caused by the introduction of new treatments but by the increased attention to risk factors, the statistics shows. At the same time, doctors stress that compliance with the rules of healthy lifestyles and prevention of cardiovascular diseases is the patient's life, and not the doctor's one.

The most effective way to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease is a lifestyle change. One can achieve that by taking measures in relation to risk factors such as unhealthy diet and obesity, physical inactivity, high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated lipid levels, alcohol and tobacco abuse.

Important! A doctor should control the main ways to reduce the risk of any heart disease.
While developing the program of cardiovascular disease prevention, experts have introduced the rules for the healthy lifestyle.

Rule №1: Eat well!
Rule №2: Exercise!
Rule №3: Quit smoking!
Rule №4: Have medical examinations regularly!
Rule №5: Relax and enjoy your life!

In addition, of course, in order to prevent and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease you can use the Wamla-01 device.