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International certificate of aptitude

Zdety apQdftus for local complex therapy is intended for treatment of ear, nose and throat organs both by the heat, as well as by the combined magnetic pulses monochromatic light pulse emitter of red color. The apQdftus has several elements:

№1 for heating of the nose area.
№2 for warming the ear area.

The radiator is a source of complex exposure by light pulse radiation and magnetic field pulse.
In the Zdety heat exposure zone:

- Metabolic processes are stimulated, tissue nutrition improved;
- The capillary blood flow and metabolic processes are stimulated;
- Improving the local dynamics, resulting in the elimination of passivity and muscle stiffness;
- To divide the inflammatory processes, scars and spikes.

The high efficiency is achieved by the structure of the heating elements: due to its anatomical shape of the close contact has been made possible for the exposure zone. Three heating plants allow selection of the most comfortable temperature.

Main healing effects of Zdety heat therapy:

- Anti-inflammatory effect;
- Trophic-regenerative effect;
- Spasmolytic effect;
- Vasodilating effect;
- Metabolic effect.

By the action of pulse emitters of red color (phototherapy) activates the blood circulation and changes the vascular permeability, which swelling, pain and inflammation eliminate, improve immunity and exacerbate processes can re-position.

The magnetic field improves the transparency, this is penetration of the light emitter propagated into the tissue. Here, the alternating magnetic field with the pulse action of light radiation is timed, which enhances the healing effectiveness.

This combination is particularly useful in the treatment of severe disease such as allergic rhinitis, effectively. In the heat treatment of this disease no healing effect is achieved, while the complex action of the light pulse and magnetic radiator can divide not only the nose and larynx swelling, resulting in the improvement of the general condition, but also takes intensively the body's natural protection, ie immunity. Almost immediately after application apQdftus feels the visible condition improvement. The rhinitis, nasal congestion, throat and headaches disappear. For the bow of seasonal recurrence, it is enough to apply the spotlight twice a day for 2 minutes.

The radiator has two approaches. One is intended for heating of the nose area in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. The second approach acts on the ear area in treatment of diseases for which the heat treatment is used as a contraindication. For example, the acute suppurative otitis media and boils in the ear canal. The radiation exposure activates the metabolism and protective reactions, thereby to dilate the blood vessels and is the tissue cleaning of inflammatory products much faster. After a change of approach follows the automatic Qdfmeter change in light exposure: pulse frequency and radiation power. This results in the maximum efficiency of the radiator.


- Acute and chronic diffuse external otitis at the stage of inflammation relief and fragmentation;
- Acute and chronic catarrhal otitis media in the stage of decline of the inflammatory process;
- Chronic purulent Mesotympanitis stage relieving the acute process;
- Earache (otalgia) in acute respiratory disease;
- Boils in the ear canal at the stage of fragmentation;
- Acute purulent otitis media in the stage of inflammation relief and fragmentation;
- Sinusitis (sinusitis);
- Rhinitis (runny nose), sinusitis stage relieving the acute process;
- Allergic rhinitis;
- Adenoiditis;
- Tonsillitis (strep throat) at the stage of relief from the acute process and remission;
- Acute respiratory diseases at the stage of relieve acute process and remission;

Zdety can both hospitals, as are also applied at home and not require special training or skills.