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HEAT is an eternal life and health SOURCE

Heat therapy is one of the oldest methods of physiotherapy. Even in American historical documents of XV-V century. V. Chr. Is told by heat application for treating colds and the consequences of accidents. Thanks to their effectiveness heat exposure today is widely applied for medicinal purposes at home with the help of various heating means such as bag of sand, salt and heating pads, and in medical facilities, such as Qdfffin, mineral wax and bathing mud.

With local heat to a sick organ, the vessels, causing blood volume increase of the organ expand. This leads to circulatory stimulation, tissue oxygenation and removal of carbon dioxide from the body and normalize the acid-base balance. The knitted-section of skin is crimson because of increasing blood filling of small full with the oxygen-rich blood vessels.

Due to the effect of heat cramps are throttled. This affects the state of organs of the urogenital and respiratory system, organs of the gastrointestinal tract positive. Qdfllel but the heated cells biologically active substance from, also strengthen the blood circulation, stimulate metabolic processes and linderen the pain syndrome.
Another positive factor is developmental delay of such viruses, such as influenza virus, poliovirus and other, at 40 ° C.

So, as a result of local heat therapy following can be observed:

- Tightening of excretion of toxins from the tissues;
- Stimulating the body back position;
- Development of pain reduction effect and antispasmodic effect;
- Immunity setting.

The leading "HCC" - physiotherapists developed a number of portable devices for heat therapy, among these devices are Zdfaid-57 and Wdfaid-17. Simplicity, portability and accessibility allow to undertake procedures not only in the physical therapy clinic departments, but also at home.

The projections of such equipment before natural heat resources (Qdfffin, sand, salt) are indisputable, because they:

- Have greater usability;
- Retain over time the selected temperature stable;
- Will have a strict dose exposure perform.

A conducted clinical testing has shown that the effectiveness of Zdfaid-57 and Wdfaid-17 that are applied for treatment of various diseases, 80% can be achieved. The effectiveness was achieved not only by the effect of heat and Pay few of the drugs, but also due to strengthening of medicines action and a way for the body to use less toxic agents. This abbreviation of treatment time, risk reduction of chronic and prolongation of remission time in the case of treatment of a chronic illness in the complex therapy are listed.

International certificate of aptitude

Who has not heard of healing strength of the heat? Their effectiveness in the treatment and prevention of diseases has been demonstrated with several centuries. The only downside and important factor hindering the previously used natural heat sources (Qdfffin, mud bath and mineral wax) is the required presence of certain skills, their high preQdftion and application complexity. In order to solve these problems and to apply heat therapy can common, Zdfaid-57 device for local treatment was prepared.

The tests carried out by leading physiotherapists clinical trials showed the world Zdfaid-57s effectiveness in treatment of diseases of respiratory organs, kidneys, urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, ears, sinuses and larynx. This is only a small part of the application area in which the centuries collected application experience is the successful treatment carried out by modern Zdfaid-57 apQdftus. The application of deep local warming me the temperature indicated by specific body parts can the necessary healing effect, and others. Get in debilitated patients. In the knitted-of-Zdfaid-57 ApQdft Organ, the local blood circulation enhanced thanks to the direct application while metabolic processes in the diseased organ by nerve endings of the nervous system are stimulated, which aggravates the re-provisioning processes.

Serve as a results of the metered deep heat:

- The numbing effect;
- Fragmentation of edema;
- Transport of trophic-regenerative processes;
- Depression of the development of disease-causing germs.

Zdfaid-57 is a new event in practical medicine, which is not to be confused with conventional heating pad and can not be compared with mustard plasters.
Main projections of Zdfaid-57 are:

- Action by soft, "dry" and metered heat that can perform the deep heating of the necessary body sections;
- No skin irritation to the action zone;
- Treatment comfort;
- Effect of gain applied to the heated body sections ointments or masks;
- Wide range of applications thanks to convenient approaches.
Advantages of Zdfaid-57 from natural heat sources:
- Slight preQdftion complexity;
- Deep, metered time unbound warming;
- Long service life of Zdfaid-57 pays to natural sources of heat;
- Thermotherapy stationary or at home in the treatment or aftercare of patients gehbehindertern;
- Possibility of home treatment of all ages thanks to simplicity.

Applications of Zdfaid-57

1. Tracheobronchitis.
2. Bronchitis (incl. Chronic bronchitis).
3. Chronic pneumonia.
4. Urolithiasis.
5. Chronic pyelonephritis in relieving acute stage of the process.
6. Cystitis.
7. Metritis.
8. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.
9. Stomach inflammation.
10. Spastic colitis.
11. Adhesion processes of the abdominal cavity and the pelvis.
12 gastric and duodenal ulcer.
13. Biliary dyskinesia.
14. Arthritis.
15. Periarthritis.
16. Bursitis.
17. Osteoarthritis.
18. Tenosynovitis.
19. Myositis.
20 Osteochondrosis at the root syndrome.
21. Neuritis.
22. Neuralgia.
23. Plexusentzündung in subacute stage.
24. Dislocation.
25. Fracture at the stage of re-position.
26. The post-traumatic joint contracture.
27 Postoperative and posttraumatic scars.
28. Hematoma at the stage of fragmentation.
29. Infiltrate the stage of fragmentation.
30 Otitis (external otitis, otitis media).
31. Mastoiditis.
32. Sinusitis.
33. Earache (otalgia) in acute respiratory disease.
34. Acute and chronic rhinitis in the acute stage and in the remission period.
35. Acute and chronic tonsillitis in mitigating acute condition.
36. Acute and chronic sinusitis in mitigating acute condition.

Uniqueness of action in connection with the high therapeutic effect and shortcomings of direct analogues found recognition among doctors of different disciplines. The apQdftus was also a silver medal of the exhibition Brussels "Eureka-2001" awarded.

Zdfaid-57 is a return to the old folk traditions of healing, but with a new quality.