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What is bronchial asthma?

Bronchial asthma is a chronic disease, in which the allergic inflammation develops in the wall of the bronchus. The action of allergens and other substancesoften results in this inflammation. The inflammation leads to the disease symptoms such as difficulty breathing or choking, coughing and wheezing in the chest appearance.

A short intake of breath in and extended exhalation are characteristics of asthma. The air hardly passes through the bronchi during inspiration and have difficulties to go out, which creates a typical noisy, "wheezing" breathing. It is often audible at a distance. Asthma attacks occur both during the day and during the night.

Bronchial asthma

When asthma symptoms are absent, that period is regarded as remission.We have already mentioned that asthma is a chronic disease and if the attacks do not appear even for a few months or years, you cannot talk about full recovery.

Causes of asthma

The risk of asthma development is much higher if the patient relatives suffered frombronchial asthma. Fortunately, asthma does not fall into those diseases that are sure to show up in the next generation. This is because people do not inherit asthma but the feature of the immune system.

When patients suffer asthma, the immune system unnecessarily reacts violently on the contact with some substances (allergens). Healthy people do not show such a reaction. The most common allergens are house dust, particularly household dust mites, and allergens from pets, pollen, mold and yeast fungi, and food allergens. An asthma attack can occur while contacting with aerosols, paints, perfumes and other strong smells. The physical activity, respiratory infections, cold, high humidity, atmospheric pressure fluctuations, and storms often affect the health of patients with asthma. The emotional stress, nervous breakdowns, laughing, crying, and fear can cause an asthma attack, too.

Treatment of asthma

Treatment of asthma is primarily in combating allergic inflammation. One should combine the treatment of asthma with measures to eliminate the exposure to known and suspected allergens. Therefore, usually the patient who suffers from asthma should take preventive or basic anti-asthma drugs. The ALMAG-01 device has proved effective in the treatment of bronchial asthma. The regular use of the device significantly reduces the number of attacks and improves the general condition of the patient. Depending on the stage of the disease, the improvement comes either after the first session of use or after a protracted treatment.