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Treatment of gout with the apparatus ALMAG-01, methods, and benefits

People suffer gout since ancient times. They discover the relationship between exacerbation of pain in the joints of the fingers and toes and the use of certain products very long ago. Almost 12 percent of the population have metabolic disorders that can cause gouty arthritis. With age, the likelihood of the disease increases. If you do not treat gout at the initial stages, after a while, the disease manifests itself again and the patients suffer more severe pains. In some time, the disease becomes chronic.


How to treat gout with the ALMAG-01 device

The method of using the ALMAG-01 apparatus depends on the severity of the pain syndrome.

When patients have severe pain syndromes (they feel pain when touching the joint), they should perform the therapy with the device without direct contact. The distance should be one or two cm from the affected joint.

When they abate pain symptoms, they can attach ALMAG-01 directly to the joint.

In case of gout of the knee, elbow or ankle joint, the patient should place the inductors around the joint. When the joints of the foot are damaged, the patient puts the coil inductor circuit on the floor and places the foot on top.

The course of treatment lasts three weeks, with interruptions for 7 and 13 days. During the first week, the exposure time is 10 minutes, during the second and third ones it lasts 15 minutes. The patients carry out the procedure twice a day.

In 30 or 40 days after completion of the initial course, they repeat the therapy. In the future, it is necessary to conduct supportive courses. They should not begin earlier than 3 or 4 months after the completion of the second course.

In addition to treatment with the ALMAG-01 device, you must follow a diet and increase water intake. Besides, you will have to lead an active lifestyle.

Therapeutic action of the ALMAG-01 apparatus

The aim of the treatment with the ALMAG-01 device is reducing pain during attacks of gout and restoration of metabolic processes in the joint tissues. The running pulsed magnetic field significantly enhances the metabolic processes and it is able to penetrate deep into the tissue. This effect successfully activates the metabolic processes. The tissue receives a complete metabolism, which contributes to the nutrition and withdrawal of decay products. It accelerates the tissue recovery, relieves edema and promotes the regeneration of cartilage at the cellular level.

Advantages of the treatment of gout with the ALMAG-01 apparatus

ALMAG-01 effectively and safely eliminates acute pain and gives patients the freedom of movement.

The device allows them to reduce pain in the joint and reduce swelling.

The treatment allows you to eliminate joint stiffness and stop the progression of the inflammatory process.

The attack finishes faster because of increasing the metabolic rate in the joint and articular tissues.

The acceleration of the release of decomposition products dissolves uric acid crystals.

The device is very functional and has a wide range of applications.

All family members can use ALMAG-01 to treat themselves.

Patients feel the improvement after the first exposure sessions.