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What is gout? Its symptoms and causes. How to treat it with ALMAG-02

Gout is one of the types of joint diseases. At the heart of the disease is a metabolic disorder caused by a decrease in the excretory properties of the kidneys.

As a result, cartilage does not receive adequate nutrition and does not regenerate. Besides, crystals of salt increase friction between joint surfaces and limit their mobility.

The most common gout is susceptible to small joints of the hands and feet, knees, and ankle joints. Gout attacks show that the patient has a kidney disease such as nephritis or urinary stone disease.


Symptoms of gout

In the beginning, the disease does not show itself. Problems appear when the content of uric acid increases and the crystal formation begins. Most often, only one joint starts hurting. It is the joint of the big toe and the metatarsus.

Acute and sharp pain signals about the attack of gout. Usually, it begins at night or in the morning. At the same time, signs of articular inflammation become noticeable. They are redness, swelling, high fever and severe pain when moving. The use of alcohol, fatty dishes, and meat food previously, often triggers the attack. After the onset of an exacerbation, which lasts from one to seven days, a period of remission comes. It lasts from six months to several years. The absence of treatment leads to a repeated attack. In the process of time, the gap between exacerbations decreases.

Sometimes gout proceeds in a low-symptom form. The patients have minor pain and slight redness but if they do not treat their gout, then after a while the disease manifests itself with pains that are more serious.

Stages of gout development

Gout is a disease that is constantly progressing. There are three stages of it. At the end of each stage of the progression of the disease, the symptoms of the next stage become more pronounced. They are more severe and have manifestations that are more acute during the attacks. The treatment becomes more problematic.

Therefore, the treatment of this disease must begin when you feel first signs of it. The ALMAG-02 apparatus is very useful for patients who want to become free of gout. It will eliminate pain safely and effectively. People notice the effect of treatment from the first minutes of the device's impact.

Causes of the disease

The cause of gout is a metabolic disorder, which is associated with a decrease in the excretory capability of the kidneys. Some factors contribute to the development of gout:

The prevalence in the diet of products such as meat, fish, liver, alcoholic beverages.

Defective or monotonous nutrition.

Nerve strain.

Sedentary lifestyle.

Inherited predisposition.

Although the local impact on the area of the affected joint has the sole purpose of eliminating inflammation and a pain attack during the exacerbation of gout, treatment should begin with the rapid relief of symptoms with the ALMAG-02 apparatus.