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  • Atherosclerosis
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  • Blood lake
  • Hip injury
  • Finger injury
  • Wounds
  • Bronchitis
  • Iridocyclitis
  • Traumas
  • Fractures
  • Cholecystitis
  • Lung spasm
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Do you know that:

- Number of victims of drug therapy is three times greater than the number killed in car accident coming year;
- The drugs side effect on the frequency the fourth cause of death, which require 150-200 thousand lives annually;
- There are more than 150 known drugs that cause relaxation of fancy sexual intercourse and affect fertility in men.
- Percentage of original medicines gives only 10%;
- More than half of all toxacations happened because of drugs, most cases caused incorrect ingestion, preservation or overdose of drugs;
- The drugs, such as analgin or aspirin, are no longer produced in most Western countries, because their harmful influence was observed on the digestive system, heart and kidneys.

Unfortunately, the ever-increasing medication for life standard of modern society. According to the World Health Organization, the sales volume of drugs has increased ninefold in the last 10 years! This can be explained to be healthy through a normal desire. Most people are safe when they want the pain that are a part of every disease discard: multiple medication ensures that everything possible has been done. They forget that the number of medication side effects is directly proportional to the number of drugs taken.

Most people do not understand how risky is the long-term use of the drugs sold in pharmacies to the head, spine and joint pain. 40% of people who are constantly taking pain medications, have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. For example, indomethacin can cause severe stomach bleeding. Only in the United States 76,000 people are hospitalized each year due to gastrointestinal aggravations in the wake of medication. 10% of whom are not saved.

Most patients do not know that, for example paracetamol together with alcohol leads to the heights of risk toxication that often becomes a cause of death. Phenacetin, which forms a component of many relief agents, for. Example Pentalgin, can cause kidney damage. It is dangerous to take permanently palliatives for seniors, while suffering just the seniors especially often to pain. However, doctors often prescribe such drugs, while magnetic therapy can help relieve pain, which is a safe method and almost no contraindications.

Electromagnet is a new find for pain relief and treatment of chronic diseases: back pain in osteochondrosis, ulcer and colitis, pain during premenstrual syndrome, acute respiratory illness, excruciating pain in the flu. They take into account the average exposure standard for each person and give all patients with different magnetic field sensitivity is a possibility to obtain a therapeutic effect.

The portable physiotherapy apparatus "HCC" have passed the complete course of medical testing, where their use safety and efficacy has been tested. The say the registration documents of national health ministries of developed European and American countries and the European System of production quality.

Since 1991, the corporation "HCC" has produced and realized more than 50 million devices worldwide physiotherapy. Tens of millions of people have been freed from suffering and have freshened up. These people have their greatest treasure to us - their health - entrusted. Now they are sincerely grateful and limitless because it is a new life - started - life without PAIN.

We hope and are confident using our physiotherapy equipment will help you and your health-related problems to solve and return to HAPPY LIFE.