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Magnetic therapy at home

Let us talk about magnetic therapy at home with ALMAG devices. Is it efficient or is it just another myth? In order to get the answer to this question, we should consider some of the scientifically proven facts.

In our daily life, constant magnetic fields surround us. They come from our planet, which is a huge magnet, as well as the Moon, the Sun, and other celestial bodies. The scientific research has proved that the presence of natural magnetism is very important to maintain all the existing forms of life on Earth.

Magnetic therapy at home

The human body is one of those life forms, which includes billions of living cells. They have their own, though not large, electric charge. The change in their potential generates the magnetic effect. The numerous studies have found that electrical activity always presents in the human body, and as a result, it turns into the magnetic activity. Magnetism is inextricably intertwined with the electric potential. For example, it is possible to measure the electric currents caused by the heartbeat, and furthermore, such currents appear in the process of bone tissue formation. Thus, the conclusion arises that the magnetic field with the necessary tensions indeed has some impact on living tissues and their natural functions. The scientific community places this fact beyond dispute.

Nevertheless, there is another question, "How will different tissues react to the impact of electromagnetism" The nature of this effect is not familiar to many people, and this gives a rise to a certain skepticism regarding the beneficial properties of magnetic therapy for the body. However, it should be noted that, as in any other case, a positive outcome is important. We use our medical devices magnetic therapy devices not only for the treatment of diseases, but also to prevent them! The practical use of ALMAG-01, ALMAG-02 devices has proven it.

Up to the present time, the medical science has not completely studied the mechanism of action of natural folk remedies but this does not diminish the merits in the treatment of colds, sore throats, and flu. Once it helps then it is necessary indeed. In this case, it is possible to raise the issue with the magnetic therapy.