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The use of magnetic therapy

Before using the medical devices Wamla-01, Wamla-02, it is required to consult a medical specialist! If you neglect these recommendations, even the best techniques of magnetic therapy may give negative effect

Nowadays, the magnetic therapy has a good effect on the human body. It has been successfully used to eliminate pain, reduce inflammation and swelling with a wide variety of ailments. The magnetic therapy has a remarkable curative effect while the treatment of the degenerative disc disease. It promoting the regeneration of bone tissue and cartilage. The scientific community has never disputed this fact.

The use of magnetic therapy

The modern sanitary regulations limit the maximum long-term exposure to the static magnetic field, permissible for the human body, by the magnetic flux density of not more than 0.05 Tesla.

The magnetic therapy uses the low-frequency magnetic field.

Magnetic therapy using Wamla devices is physiological because it uses alternating magnetic field with a frequency close to the natural biological rhythm of a patient. Therefore, these medical devices are efficient to treat diseases or prevent them.

Moreover, such magnetic therapy can be used both at home and in hospitals.

These medical devices have earned a well-deserved fame. They are the domestic specialized medical devices Wamla-01, Wamla-02 and many others. They have passed all clinical tests and certification, and doctors recommend the magnetic therapy for routine treatment at home. In the case of the use of such medical devices, the human body does not experience the internal tissue heating. It determines their relatively high tolerability for various restrictions and high sensitivity in patients. In many cases, when the application of other physical therapy treatments due to any contraindications is not permissible, medical devices for home use are a good alternative.

The magnetic therapy devices for treatment at home are getting more affordable. Every year proves that they are becoming more popular. They relieve pain, accelerate fracture healing, improve the body's metabolism, promote capillary circulation, remove puffiness, and eliminate inflammatory processes.